Online bookings are easy!

In three steps we will take you through the booking process.

We would like to pick you up as close to your hotel as possible! To archieve this we have fixed pick-up places where we can park our cars overnight. That's why we will start with locating your hotel or appartment!

On the next page you will see the map of Rhodes. The blue jeeps are pick-up places for the Westcoast, the red jeeps for the Eastcoast, green for the South. If you know the location of your hotel, please select the closest pick-up place. Just remember the number/letter for your actual booking

If you don't know where you hotel is, you either let us decide the best pick-up place for you and continue, or select a red or blue car in the area where you think your hotel or appartment is, and type the name of your accommodation in the To Here field. Through Google Maps you can select the nearest pick-up place. Also you can make a route description (walk) and print it out!